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"Meditation and mindfulness changed my life forever"

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Hey there! I'm Meghan, 26 years old and I'm half British and half cloggie. I'm here to share with you that mindfulness and meditation changed-my-LIFE! 

At uni I was lost. There was so much to think about, stress about, worry about. Stress was my constant state of being and worry was my second name. 

I 'accidentally' (as if there's such a thing😉) stumbled upon to mindfulness during my minor and since then I have more tools in my toolbox to handle stress and worry less. 

By applying mindfulness to my daily life, I have noticed that I know how to deal with situations in a mindful way. I catch myself when I overthink situations and when I feel stress coming up, I know how to diffuse the feeling. It helps me not to take life too seriously! 

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Mindfulness had now changed my life and I can't be any more grateful than I am! But I thought to myself: I can't be the only student with this problem. There must be more students dealing with the same amount of stress, or even more. Mindfulness and meditation can possibly also help them! That's why I'm dedicating my life to the students that need it, like you! 

I have created the online platform called Meditation for Students. On this platform, students can learn about meditation and mindfulness in depth. Next to that, students will be able to enjoy 40 meditations (and counting!) created especially for them. 

I have also created multiple meditations, to help the other stressed students out there. Next to that I have created multiple vlogs about mindfulness and meditation, but also about lifestyle and health related topics. I hope to be able to share what I have experienced with you so you can live a better (and waymorefun) life!  

Why do I want students to live a more mindful life? Because when living a more mindful life, we can all live a life full of more purpose. Everybody has a purpose and I'm convinced that if we take care of ourselves, we can make the world a better place. So a happy student, is a happier world! 

The world needs you and your gift. You are irreplaceable and you can share something I cannot. Don't forget that.

Some fun facts about me: 

  • I'm an empath 

  • I'm sweet and caring 

  • I'm half introverted and half extraverted 

  • I have a good sense of humor (if I say so myself) 

  • I'm ambitious

  • I'm a perfectionist 

  • I'm a huge Harry Potter fan (I'm só Hufflepuff) 

  • I love being crazy 

  • I love nature

  • I love singing, especially musical stuff and Disney songs

  • I love the Efteling 

  • I love my partner, family, dog and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • I'm a vegetarian and love vegan food 

  • My greatest value in life is Freedom 

  • I can really identify with Phoebe from Friends

To contact me for a collaboration, email me! I'd love to hear from you:

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Love Meghan

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