What is self love and why does the world need you to love yourself? 3 reasons why!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I love myself. I LOVE ME! I'm in love with Meghan.

Never, in a million years, would I have ever believed that the day would come that I could say this. But I can now. In this blog I will explain to you how I can suddenly love myself and why that is the greatest gift that I can give to the world. Why is this interesting for you? Because if everybody loves themselves, then the world will be a better place.

Imprints of life

Life happens to us. We have little control over what happens. These things that happen to us, imprint beliefs in us. We start believing things about ourselves and about the world that might not be true.

That is what happened with me too. When I was young, at primary school, I got teased. I got teased because of my body, it was different than other bodies. I started to develop rather young so I was bigger and rounder than the rest of my class mates. I remember one very clear instance in which a boy in my class said: 'Fatty'. This particular moment, together with the teasing, caused me to believe that I was fat, ugly and wasn't worth anything. This belief has continued on, until a training I recently went to.

My beliefs got confirmed in all the magazines I read and on all the t.v. programs that I watched. Everywhere I saw (and still see) the image of 'perfect' women that had a body that didn't even look closely like my body. Most of my childhood and teens I felt different than the rest and I saw this as a bad thing.

The training that changed my life

I have been working on myself for years, following a university course about the Philosophy of Life, looking at myself and working on my self image. I have been wanting to change myself, but all for the wrong reasons. I wanted to change because I thought I would be happy when I lost all the weight, when I wouldn't have acne anymore, when my body would be perfectly shaped, when I would earn money. I would only be happy if I would achieve those tings, but I was so wrong. It's the exact opposite of that!

I recently went to a training that changed my life. It has changed the way I look at the world and at myself. The training is called 'Your money or your life' and it's given by Suze MacLaine-Pont. I am in no way sponsored by her or anybody to write this. I just want to share my story.

Suze is this incredible woman who shows people what their beliefs around money are, looking back at what has happened in life. She shares her vision on business and how you have to share your mission with the world. I, for one, completely agree with her.

During this training, we did a lot of inner work. I've always heard people say this but I never knew how to do this. Now I know it's related to trauma work. I will share with you why you want to do the work around trauma, why you want to love yourself and how it can help the world.

1. Why would you want self love?

Because it feels f*cking amazing! That is the first reason why you would want self love. It just feels so freakin' good. I have seriously never felt happier about myself in my life. I can now look in the mirror and love every part of me and my body. Everything that is 'imperfect' is just another sign for me to heal even more. I don't hate it anymore, I am actually grateful for the acne on my chin, because it shows me that there are more opportunities to heal my body.

2. But how do you achieve self love?

I've read tons of books and done millions of exercises and they all haven't worked. Why not? Because I wasn't going to the root cause of all the pain and the reason why I didn't love myself.

I deeply recommend you go and work with a coach, healer, psychologist, therapist or who ever feels good to you to go to the bottom of this pain. Figure the pain out and do trauma healing work. I wasn't able to do it myself, even though I wanted to so badly. Heal yourself by accepting this help. Do the painful inner work. I literally feel like I lost 10 kgs because of all the emotional baggage I've lost.

I also know I'm not there yet, but I feel soooooo freakin' good already. I'm going to continue to do the work and heal myself with the help of others.

3. Why do we need self love?

We are all here for a reason. We have a deep, inner mission. I know my mission is to inspire people to live the best life possible in a conscious and mindful way. I am doing this by showing parts of myself and my life to inspire you guys to also follow your mission! How to figure out your mission? Go deep. Meditate. Do the work.

This mission is easier to find when you love yourself. Why? Because the reason of doing your mission changes.

For me: I started this blog, wanting to share things, but also because I wanted to be validated by the public that I was worth something. Now I've discovered that when I actually serve all of you beautiful souls by sharing my mission, it's not about me anymore because I know I'm worth it! It's about you! It's about me serving all of you guys and changing the world in that way. It's not about the amounts of people liking my pictures on Instagram or the amounts of people reading my blog. No, it's about the message coming through to make the world a better place.

Love Meghan

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