The Law Of Attraction: How to get everything you want!

Ever heard of the saying like attracts like? Well in this blog I will be explaining a theory on why like attracts like and I'll show you how you can get everything you want.

You might have heard of the film The Secret (the whole film is on Netflix). In The Secret they talk about this phenomenon called the Law of Attraction. The LOA is a natural law that states that what you put out, you attract. Let me explain. Everything is energy and everything has a vibration. The chair you're sitting on is energy and has a vibration. The plant in your office is energy and has a vibration. YOU are energy and have a vibration. So you send a vibration out into the world. Your thoughts and feelings also have a certain vibration at a certain frequency. Let's keep it simple, your thoughts and feelings can vibrate at a high and positive frequency, or at a lower more negative frequency. A higher frequency could be happiness and enthusiasm, a lower frequency could be anxiety or stress.

Everything that has as vibration, is also a sort of magnet. This magnet attracts things or people with the same sort of frequency. So when you're having a bad morning because you got up bumping your toe against the door, this might resonate throughout your day and you might attract more 'bad' things, or better said: things you don't want.

The same goes for positive things: If you start your day with meditation and make sure that you create a positive vibe for yourself, you will attract more positivity and positive people around you.

Do you know the expression 'If you really want something, you will be able to get it'? It reminds me of a scene in Friends where Joey says: 'If you really want something and your heart is pure, wondrous things can happen.' Well, this is actually true.

You might have dreams, things you want, goals you want to achieve. Some of them might seem way too far away for you to be able to reach them. But they're not. If you really want it, you can have it. If you have the right intentions, the right vibrations and if you take the right actions, it's so much easier to get what you want. And when I say anything you want, I mean anything you want. That house, that car, that job, that life. Everything is possible! The universe actually wants you to get what you want, you just have to get out of the way and let things flow!

If you've been attracting things that you don't want, you might be asking yourself: why would I attract that? I'm not attracting bad things into my life! Well that's because it all starts with a belief. If you have a certain belief, you're sending out a message into the world. For example, you keep on attracting the 'bad guys' while you want a relationship with someone who can fulfill your needs and who loves you for who you are. This might happen because you're attracting them because of a belief you have. This belief could for example be 'good guys are boring'. You might not notice that this is what's underneath your patterns, but it could be. It's important that you do the work that's underneath those beliefs to understand why you think this so you are able to let it go.

Steps to take to get everything you want

So let's get practical! What are the steps to get anything you want?

  1. The first thing to be aware of are your beliefs. If you believe something, you're sending this out into the universe. If you believe it's hard to make money and that you have to work hard to get money (one of my beliefs that I'm working on), then this will manifest. You might want more money for less work, but you won't shift this until you uncover this belief and forgive yourself for limiting your potential.

  2. Focus on what you do want to attract and don't focus on what you don't want to attract. If, for example, you are in debt and you want to get out of debt, you're going to have to focus on wealth and not on debt. The more you think: I don't want to be in debt, the more debt you'll create. The universe will give you what you say, and because you're thinking and saying debt, that's what you're creating. It doesn't hear the ' don't ' part of what you want, it just hears the debt and that's what it will give you. This goes back to the vibration. You're sending out the vibration of debt so that's what you're creating. Focus on what you do want and the vibration of the thing you want!

  3. Be very detailed about what you want. If you say: I want a new car, that is not very specific. You're going to have to be specific about which car, what the price will be, when you'll get it and why you want this car.

  4. Focus on the feeling, not the thing. So when you want this new car, or whatever it is that you're trying to manifest, focus on the feeling that the car is going to give you. That is how you'll manifest it. What I'm also trying to say here is that you should never manifest something out of desperation or fear. You shouldn't be attached to the outcome. When you've set your intentions and you've been specific, let it go. Don't become obsessive about this and the outcome, that is when you're trying to influence the outcome. The universe will think you're already taking care of it because you're investing so much energy into this thing you want and you will not get it. So focus on it, feel the feeling it's going to give you, the joy, the happiness, the freedom, and then let it go.

  5. That brings me to step 5: Trust the universe. A part of letting go means that you trust that the universe will bring you want you want. If you keep obsessing about it, you are not trusting that what's yours already, will come to you. If it is supposed to be with you, you will find it and get it! Just trust that!

  6. If you want more abundance, practice gratitude! When you are grateful for anything in your life, you will create more abundance. Creating more abundance means that you're happy with everything you already have and you are content already. That is how you'll attract more things more easily. So practice this by writing down three things that you're grateful every morning or evening (or both if that feels right) and feel that gratitude!

  7. Use affirmations. An affirmation is a sentence that helps you manifest what you want. For example, you want to change something about your physical appearance, (not from a place of fear of course, but from a place of love). In order to do this, you will have to already love yourself and you know that you would feel even more confident when you change this thing about your appearance. What you then do is go to the mirror, look in the mirror and say an affirmation like: I am so grateful that I'm so beautiful! I love you! I love you! This helps you create that positive vibe and it will be easier to manifest your desire.

  8. Use affirmations in the present tense: So what you can also do with affirmations, is change them into a present tense in order to get what you want. For example, you really want a house, then you can create this affirmation: I'm so grateful that I have this amazing 2 story house with a view of the forest in Utrecht within my budget. What you're doing there is saying that it's already reality! What's important is that you feel the feeling of having that house. Don't just say the affirmation, but really feel it, that is what attracts what you want. It's also great to write those affirmations down!

  9. Most people will want something, take the steps I've just written down and forget about that vibration during the day. It's important to live your life as if you're already that person with all those manifestations. This can be hard because your environment doesn't nescesarily change, which can pull your vibration down. You are now person A, but you want to become person B. A good trick is to look at people who are already person B and see what their life looks like. Use that as an example to live your life, but use what feels good for you though! For example: I want to be an influencer. Someone randomly said to me: Oh you're that influencer! And I was like, no I'm not, because my idea of an influencer is someone who is already making money off of what they're doing and who has at least 10.000 followers. But then I realized, I've got to own the fact that I am an influencer! And I've got to live that way too! That is how I will manifest it.

  10. Do the work. So manifestation is not about wanting something and then all of a sudden it magically appears. Sometimes this does happen, but most of the time, you will have to work for it too. If you want to lose weight, you'll have to work on your self love and you will have to take the steps that it takes to lose weight, like eating healthy and exercising. If you want to find your dream house, it won't always just appear, you will also have to look for it (not in desperation though). The universe will give you what you want if you also do the work. Don't just go and wait for it, go and live your life and if it's meant for you, it will appear.

  11. Take action. This looks like 'do the work' but it's more specified towards making dreams come true. If you have this dream to become an expert at a subject, you'll have to take action and learn about what you want to become an expert in. This won't just pop up into your head. The universe will then provide you of what it is that you need in order to become that expert!

Tips to make manifesting easier

  1. Keep a journal and write down what you want. This makes it something definite. Our thoughts are constantly changing, so when you write it down, your dream and desire is more specific and more concrete for the universe to take action on.

  2. Practice gratitude every morning or/and evening. This will raise your vibration which makes manifesting easier!

  3. Make a mood board. If you make a mood board of what it is you want, you will see it everyday and it will remind you how good it would feel to have something like that. You can also do this on Pinterest, but that makes it easier for you to forget. I would do this on a blank canvas if I were you.

  4. Stick post it notes with affirmations throughout your house. This way you will be reminded of the affirmation that is important for you to engrave in your system in order for you to believe it!

  5. Make a present you and future you drawing. This is fun and really helps you become clear in what you want!

  6. Talk about it with other people. That way it's out in the world! Spread the word, share your dreams!

  7. Ask for signs from the universe, your guides, God or Angels, whatever you prefer to call it. This gives hope. You can ask for numbers, or an animal. Whatever works for you. It will keep your motivation going!

What if it doesn't work?

There might be multiple reasons why you are not getting what you want. You might be out of alignment, wanting something too desperately or not enough. You might not be feeling it when you're trying to manifest it. The thing might also just not be meant to be for you. Remember that you're always guided.

What have I manifested?

Multiple things! I manifested my car. I needed a car, saw one that seemed like something I would be able to get, got an app from my mum saying her friend was selling a car and it was exactly like the one I saw! This happened a week later. Because I wasn't fixed on when I would get it (I basically forgot about it), it came to me with real ease!

I also manifested my job at Kasteel De Haar. I wanted a job to support me until my business would be able to support me. I knew what I didn't want: I didn't want it to be in an anonymous office building, I didn't want to be behind the computer all day and I didn't want to work alone. So instead on focussing what I didn't want, I focussed on what I did want: I wanted to work in a unique place, I wanted a job where I could be active if I wanted to and I wanted to work with people. Well, now I work in a castle, I'm active all day and I work with 230 volunteers. Pretty much got what I asked for!

I manifested all the houses that I've lived in, especially the one in the forest (I was freakin aligned that day).

I do however have blocks that I've got to work on. This is a process and it goes as fast as you want it to go. For me, what's important, is to focus on flow. Just go with the flow of life, don't try to interfere or control situations. That's what's still hard for me.

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you have any questions!

Love Meghan

If you want to listen to my blog in audio, click here.

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