How to create your own (meditation) ritual? I'll show you mine!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

We all have rituals, even if we don't realize that we do. When you get up in the morning and always brush your teeth as soon as you get up, that's a ritual! Having lunch at a certain time, that's a ritual. Drinking some organic tea with your colleagues at a certain time, that's a ritual.

But some rituals are meant to serve a deeper purpose. You might recognize some rituals from churches, where they light a candle for deceased love ones or where they baptize a newborn. Praying a certain way can also be a ritual. These rituals are meant to connect to something higher, what ever you want to call it this higher source. Or there are rituals in which you take a moment for you to connect back with yourself and to be mindful for a moment. Half the fun of my meditation practice is the ritual that I've created around it!

When you want to start a new ritual, it can be hard to think of something that suits you. That is why I'm giving you the steps to creating your own new ritual, based on my meditation ritual. Get ready to be inspired!

My meditation ritual

On this picture you can see my meditation set. It only misses a dried sage stick. Before I meditate, I use these attributes to get in to the mood and to cleanse myself before connecting with source. They are very important to me, as it really helps me relax before I get into the meditative flow. It's good to collect items that mean something to you. Every piece of my set means something to me. For example:

1. I start by lighting the candle. This is the sign for me that the ritual has started and that I'm allowed to relax.

2. I light the sage stick. I shuffle my Spirit Animal card deck and sage that, to cleanse the cards of energy.

3. I smudge the crystals with sage and choose the one that resonates with me most that day. I lay it on my lap to ground me during my meditation.

4. I sit down on my meditation cushion and I smudge the sage stick all over my body to cleanse me. This can give me a tingling sensation, I really love that feeling!

5. I light the Palo Santo to call in my spirit guides for my meditation. I also smudge this over my body, the crystals and my cards.

6. After this I sit in meditation, but the ritual is something I'm usually very excited about. It helps me get motivated to go and meditate when my ego tells me I don't feel like doing it. I can of course meditate without the ritual but that's half the fun!

7. After my meditation I thank my guides and put my hands above the cards. The one that speaks to me the most is the one I choose. Most of the time the card that I pick really resonates with with what is going on in my life.

8. After I have meditated I do my morning pages. You will soon be able to read a whole post on how to do morning pages and why I do them.

Now you've read about my ritual, let's start creating yours!

1. What do you want to achieve?

Before you start creating a ritual for yourself it's good to know what your goal is for the ritual. Do you want to become more mindful? Do you want to connect with spirit? Do you want to relax more often? What is your goal?

It's nice to have some clarity on that. This way it is not a meaningless ritual, but it becomes a moment of with meaning.

2. Gather items of importance

All the items in my ritual mean something to me, they have a function. Not all items have to be loaded with heavy meaning, it can be as simple as wanting a little plant next to you when you are performing the ritual because you think it smells so nice. That's all okay!

It's nice to play around with it, test some things and see how they feel. If it doesn't feel good, then don't use it! If it does feel good and makes you happy, well then the answer is simple. Do it! You can also put a photo of your favourite pet or your dog next to you when you're doing your ritual. What ever works for you!

3. Do something that empowers you

My ritual can feel completely wrong and weird to you! If you feel that smudging yourself with sage is not going to empower you, then go for drinking that cup of tea that does empower you. It's good to do something that feels right. If that's a yoga pose, do a yoga pose. If that's lighting a candle, light that candle.

4. Look at other people's rituals for inspiration

There are plenty of people doing cleansing rituals or meditation rituals on YouTube. Check out their ritual to get inspired.

5. Play!

It's great to play around and just try some things! It doesn't have to be super serious and perfect in one go. The ritual also won't go the same every single day. That's okay, because life is also inconsistent. And it's nice to play, so that's great to try!

Love Meghan

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