My favourite podcasts

Hey there! I thought I'd share about my favourite podcasts. Listening to podcasts is a perfect way to consume high vibe content and to get a lot of free help about all sorts of things. Let's start shall we!

Health and wellness

Let's start with the health and wellness podcasts that I like to listen to.

  • My number one health and wellness podcast is the Melissa Ambrosini Show. Melissa is such an amazing human being. She is all about holistic health and wellness and interviews the most interesting people in the health and wellness world. I have learned so much from her. Next to that I have learned about other people who I'm really interested in. Definitely check her out, she's just wonderful.

  • Sahara Rose Ketabi is an expert in the Ayurvedic healthcare system. She has a podcast about Ayurveda but also about other spiritual topics. She is a very powerful woman with a very powerful opinion. Her podcast is called The Highest Self Podcast.

  • Medical Medium Anthony William also has his own podcast. Personally, I prefer his books, but he gives a lot of free information on his podcast!

Self development and lifestyle

Self development is one of my favourite topics to talk about and listen to. I'm always looking for new ways to grow and become the best version of myself.

  • Aileen from Lavedaire is one of the first YouTube influencers that I started to follow. She talks a lot about self development and gives practical tips about all sorts of things. She goes into detail with some very interesting people in her podcast, especially creatives.

  • Jenny Mustard from The Mustards is very interesting to listen to if you are focused on a vegan and sustainable lifestyle. I love her fashion style and her podcast is fun to listen to. She talks about multiple things together with her husband David.


When I started out dreaming about one day owning my own business, I went crazy on podcasts. I had just discovered that YouTube and podcasts were a thing and I was listening to them day and night, consuming all the information that I could. It just fired me up even more to become a business owner and make a change in the world.

  • The Marie Forleo Podcast, hosted by Marie Forleo, is an amazing podcast for business owners. She also talks about other things, but she really shows how everybody has something to say in this world. It really boosts your confidence.

  • Don't Keep Your Day Job is a podcast by Cathy Heller. I love her compassion for everybody around her. There where Marie Forleo really talks big about huge concepts, Cathy talks with small business owners to level up and give them advice. She is such a beauty and she has a lovely voice to listen to.

  • Angie Lee of The Angie Lee Show talks all about marketing. I have learned so much from her! All I have to do now is implement her strategies. She is very hyper, but that's what makes her so much fun. Her crazy personality is something I can really relate to, I love how she is just purely her and how she inspires so many people to become "baby grandma's".


I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't share stuff about spiritual podcasts. So here are some spiritual podcasts that I love listening to.


Everybody loves a good talk about sex, we're made to want to learn about it. There are a few podcasts that I can recommend.

  • Authentic Sex by Juliet Allen is very interesting for women and men who are interested in spiritual sex and reconnecting with yourself. She is a very soft and kind hearted soul.

  • Love Sex Magic by Melissa Wells is a very powerful podcast. Melissa doesn't shy away from difficult subject such as self love and self pleasure. I love her vibe.


You all know I'm a Harry Potter fan. Go and check out Harry Potter and the sacred text. Each chapter is spoken about and talked about in a very interesting way.


For all the Dutchies out there, I have two recommendations.

  • Sanny Zoekt Geluk is not a podcast, but a YouTube channel with Sanny Verhoeven. She is all about personal growth and happiness.

  • Man Man Man de Podcast is a podcast with three men who talk about all things 'manly'. I love their vulnerability and honesty. Next to that it's nice and Dutch, direct and funny.

I hope there is a podcast that suits your interests!

Love Meghan

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