Put your dreams on paper: Tips on how to create your vision board

In a time of lockdown and quarantine we need to keep ourselves occupied. It's a good time to reflect about life as it has been and to think about how you want your life to turn out to be in the future. A great way put your dreams into perspective is by creating a vision board. Don't know how to? I'll show you how!

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a big piece of paper, or a canvas on which you stick all sorts of things, like pictures or fabrics, that together create your vision for the future. At the bottom of the page you can see my vision board that I created.

Do you have to be creative or artistic to make one?

No! I'm creative in a different way, but I'm not artistic. My vision board is not the most beautiful board I've ever seen, but it reflects everything that's important to me and that is the end goal. You can literally make it as simple and plain or as artistic and outgoing as you want it to be (just like you can design your life).

How to make a vision board

I'll take you with me in the proces that I use to create my own vision boards.

  1. First I always think about what the goal is of the vision board. What is the theme, what is the dream, what do I want to achieve? Then I start searching for things that will inspire me to make that dream a reality. You can for example make one vision board for just your dream house, but you can also make a vision board in which you dream about multiple things, you could call that a global vision board of your life.

  2. Go to Pinterest and create a vision board online. I always start by creating my own online vision board. After that I make a selection of the pictures and quotes that I've chosen and I print these. They will go on my vision board. When I search for photos and quotes I always feel if something is in alignment or not. If it isn't, then it doesn't go on there.

  3. Collect stickers, fabrics and other little things to stick on your vision board. As long as this helps you to be inspired to reach that goal and make your dream come true.

  4. Of course you can get pictures and quotes via the old fashioned way: Go and grab an old magazine and cut some stuff out!

  5. Next off, grab a canvas, photo frame or piece of paper to stick your visions on. You can always paint the background, like I've done. I thought it would be fun to try some painting and to give my artistic side a chance. You can also leave it white of course, whatever you want!

  6. Then start by arranging the visions on the board. I wouldn't start off with sticking things straight away, I would wait with that until you have put everything on there and swapped some things over until you are satisfied with what it looks like. Then stick!

  7. Hang it up or lay it down somewhere prominently in your house. Look at it everyday to stay inspired to follow your dreams!

I hope this has inspired you to create your own vision board! Also check out my video to see me creating my own vision board.

You can also check out my video:

Love Meghan

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