What to do when you have to stay at home, 16 tips to stay safe and to keep yourself occupied.

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

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You already know, the Corona virus is spreading like wildfire and lot's of people are suffering or even dying because of it. Most European countries are on (half) lockdown which means that most people can't go to work either. We are on (half) quarantine, because we are recommended to stay at home as much as possible. Do you not know what to do with yourself? I've written down some tips for you to occupy yourself whilst you're in quarantine.

Why are so many countries on lockdown?

Because we do not have antibodies against the virus yet, we are not immune. This means that we all have a bigger chance to get the virus and become really sick because of it. The reports of symptoms from people having the virus are very different. Some people are barely sick, some people are in bed for 3 weeks.

What we want, is that especially the more vulnerable people, are safe. That is why we are on lockdown. To prevent more (vulnerable) people getting sick, hospitals over flooding with patients, cemeteries being full, people dying alone without being able to say goodbye and getting buried without a proper funeral (like what's happening in Italy right now), most countries have gone on lockdown completely.

The lockdown is not about fear or panic, it's about doing what is right for the world right now. The world needs you to take your responsibility and needs you to not go out right now, to keep the weaker people safe.

What now?

Our society and identities depend on our work. We are always busy and working a lot. Now we can't work or have to work from home where we can do less, we might not know what to do with ourselves. That's why I've summed up some activities that you can do whilst you're at home.

Stay positive

The activities that I've listed are focussed on positivity. In times like these it's important to focus on the positive side of life. Go and do things that you usually don't have time for! You might be frustrated that you can't work, or you might be sad for the people that are in terrible situations right now. That is all good. But also focus on your own happiness and self care. When you take care of yourself, you can take better care of others. That's how happiness is spread!

16 Tips

1. Make yourself some delicious and healthy food!

Now, more than ever, it is important to eat healthy. By creating some delicious and healthy recipes you boost your immune system. That is how you stay healthy and strong and that you can maybe prevent yourself from getting very sick. Note: This does not mean that you will be immune against any virus, it just means that you are supporting your body to stay healthy and strong as best you can. It is especially important to eat lot's of vegetables and fruits. Veggies and fruits have countless anti-oxidents that support your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. If you feel like you might have a virus, try to stay away from dairy, wheat and corn. Viruses feed off those products and you want to give them as least chance as possible to make you sick.

Medical Medium has created a free book that you can download with tips to prevent yourself from getting a virus. I'd really recommend you check it out!

2. I need to go food shopping, what to do?

Experts have said that it's smart to go and buy food for at least a week. This way, you only have to get out of the house once which decreases your risk of getting sick. That way, you also protect other people from a cold that you might have. In the Netherlands you don't have to go and buy things in bulk as the supermarkets have plenty of products in stock.

3. Go food shopping for the people who can't

If you are going to go food shopping, offer to go shopping for the people who can't go shopping or are afraid to go shopping, like the elderly or the sick. If you are strong and healthy it's important to help those in need. Ross and I both have offered it to people in our circles and in our flat. It's important that we look after one another.

4. Rest

We never have time to rest in our busy and hectic society, so rest while you can! Lay in bed all day, chill on the sofa or take a bath. Go and take the time you need to recharge yourself.

5. Tidy up your house

It's nearly spring, so go and spring clean your house early this year! My house has not been so tidy and clean for a long time. It feels so good!

6. Do dance offs with your family

A great way to stay active and lift spirits is by dancing in the middle of your living room! Ross and I regularly do stupid dances and it's so much fun! Time to raise the vibes people!

7. Make time for a hobby that you have been wanting to try for a while!

Have you been wanting to paint and did you buy the equipment but have you not found the time to do it? Do it now! Now is your chance to get creative without feeling guilty about something you still have to do. Enjoy!

8. Read the book that you have had laying around for 2 months

I have finally continued on reading Harry Potter. Have you had a book on your nightstand for a few months that you have just not started reading? Do it now! You have plenty of time!

9. Go in to nature

This might feel counter intuitive as I just said that you have to stay indoors as much as possible but going into nature will not harm anyone. I've done research to see if experts say that it is safe and it's safe as long as you do not come close to others. So go and walk on the beach or hike in the woods. Smell the scents, listen to the songs of the birds, let the waves and wind flush and blow your sorrows away, get some exercise and relax. Nature is one of our biggest healers. It's where we come from. We sometimes forget that, but now is your time to reconnect.

10. If you feel stress; meditate or do breath work

I've posted a short video with some breath work exercises to stop you from stressing or worrying. It's very easy to worry right now. To get into that more relaxed and less stressed vibe, just try to meditate for 5 minutes. You'll be astonished how well it works. Just check out YouTube for a random meditation video, there is tons of free stuff on there.

11. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are often entertaining and they teach you something! Whilst cleaning you can listen to a podcast and get some high vibe info whilst being active.

12. Play boardgames

This is SO-MUCH-FUN! I love board games! They are a great way to connect with your family and they are so entertaining!

13. Make music, sing or listen to music

Music is healing. The vibrations of music automatically help you canalize emotions, stress, fear and anxiety. So go and listen to some music, sing in the shower or play the piano. A great way to raise your vibe!

15. Get some flowers and create your own flower arrangement

Whilst out food shopping, don't forget to get yourself some tulips or other flowers. Plants create oxygen and flowers really make a home a happier place. If you want to get creative, get a few different bunches and make your own flower arrangement!

16. Netflix and chill

Last but not least, Netflix and chill. Time to nest yourself in bed, get comfy and binge watch your favourite series like Friends (I've watched Friends at least 15 times). Do watch something with humor, like a romcom or a comedy. This raises your vibe!

I hope you have gotten more than enough inspiration from this to get through this tough and strange period.

Let me know what you're going to do!

Love Meghan.

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